Palermo day tour. Unknown PalermoUnknown Palermo

A day tour in and around Palermo.


The unkown side of Palermo. Visit some of the most unusual monuments in the world



We will start at Piazza Pretoria with its beautiful Renaissance fountain originally built for a villa near Florence: a piece of 16th century Tuscany in the center of an Arab-Norman city. Nearby is the Church of La Martorana where 12th century severe Norman architecture clashes with the frivolities of the Baroque style. Then on to the Capuchin Catacombs where you will be shocked by a macabre sight: 8,000 mummified bodies dressed in their best Sunday clothes and propped up against the walls! Next, we'll move on to the Zisa Castle commissioned by the Norman King William I, but built by his Muslim architects who used all their Middle-Eastern know-how. In the afternoon, we'll drive to the town of Bagheria known for its Baroque villas. We will visit the most unusual one built by the Prince of Palagonia who was fascinated with monsters and mirrors.



Tour type: private tour from  Palermo/Cefal├╣/ Trapani  hotel
Chauffer- driven. On demand we can provide English speaking driver/ guide and/or licensed tour guide.

Time duration: 4 hours

Driving time: from Cefal├╣/ Trapani one hour

Meeting place: your selected hotel or accommodation

Tour cost: depends on the services requested(driver, English speaking driver, licensed tour guide, driver/guide). Please email us for a quote